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Frequently Asked Questions

What do i need to run dictyExpress?

A Flash 10 enabled web browser. If your browser has an older version of the player, you should install the newest version of the Flash player. You may use the Flash Version Test (Adobe) to verify your currently installed version.

When I first run dictyExpress, the application is asking me to allow local storage on my computer. Why?

This question is actually issued by Flash informing you that some of the information (essentially, the list of Dictyostelium genes) will be stored on your local disk as Local Shared Object. dictyExpress uses this mechanism to store the gene list at the first run of the application. Gene lists takes about 10 MBytes of disk space on local machine, and make dictyExpress initially much faster in consequent runs. Note that the of of Flash Local Shared Objects does not compromise the security on your computer in any way.

Can I download the data directly from the database withouth using dictyExpress?

Sure! Please use dictyExpress' application programming interface (API) that supports data retreival through a set of HTTP queries.

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